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A Family trying to cure their son

We are the Negrini-Heymich Family. A non typical family that lives in Austria. More specifically in Serfaus, a small town in Tirol.

Natalia the mum is Brazilian, half Italian, and left Brazil already for 10 years

Lukas the dad is Tiroler, he spend most of his time in the USA

We met in Barcelona, and decided to marry and move to Austria in 2017

Valentin was born in january 2018. He was born with 25 weeks, 690 grams, 30centimeters. Really small… The beggining of Valentin life was not easy. He was at the hospital for 158 days. During this time he fought for his life.

On June 2019, our son Valentin was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrofie. A  genetic disorder that leads to progressive weakening of the muscles over time. As muscles are a super important part our body this boys do not survive their mid-twenties.


There are several ways for you to be with us in this journey. The first one is making a contribution, at any amount. We believe that together we are stronger so any contribution is valid. But we know as well there is other ways to contribute with our cause. You can help us to spread the word by following us on social media, sharing our content and being with us on this journey. Another way to support is to help us to host events and get as more people as possible with us.

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Cure Rare Disease

In partnership with Cure Rare Disease we want to develop a drug to edit Valentin mutation.

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